Flowing Yoga

Optimized-iStock_000025686468LargestonesFlowing yoga Classes 

These classes are for those who:

  • Wish to get fitter, gain greater strength, mobility, stability, & flexibility.
  • Have done some yoga & prefer a flowing class with more challenging postures.
  • Have no serious ailments

I sometimes use light hands on correction, if you feel this is inappropriate for you please let me know prior to starting the class

What the clients say …..

I first started yoga because i was getting upper back aches from sitting at a desk at work. My mum had been seeing Gina and recommended her. After the first session my back was already so much improved with continued sessions i now rarely have a problem, if i do get back ache yoga with Gina has taught me some exercises i can do at home/work which improve it. I also find it incredibly relaxing and is a good time each week to find a calm moment.

Flowing Wed Eve – Female –