What if I am not flexible enough or can’t do yoga?

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Everyone can do yoga. It helps with flexibility which is why it is particularly good for stiff people.

Any body restrictions can generally be worked around using adapted poses.

Work at your own pace. Yoga is not a competition.    Learn to listen to your body & the way it feels.

Accept where you are when you start, move mindfully through the class and the benefits & results will happen. Some days your body will feel stiffer than others be mindful of this.

I usually use light hands on correction for aliment, so please let me know if this is not appropriate for you.

What is the class like?

I offer small classes for individual attention and progression. You are encouraged to listen to your body and the way it feels. Some days you will be stiffer than others. Practise in a non competitive way. Be kind to your body… you only get one!

All the classes include warm up stretches, relaxation & breathing techniques and awareness.

WARM UP  – We tune into our breath & awareness soften and relax the body. Gentle stretches to loosen the body & prepare you for postures & moves

POSTURES/MOVES – Positions to gently stretch your body building strength, flexibility, core conditioning, balance and focus.

RELAXATION – Deep relaxation allows your body to recover, rejuvenate &  heal. Including a physical & mental relaxation & space to be quiet and still.

BREATHWORK – focusing on the way we breathe & using the breath linked to the postures/moves.  Sometimes postures will be still, focusing on the breath  other times you will be moving throughout them, encouraging a breathing rhythm or flow to your postures. Various breathing techniques are used

Note – The flowing classes will include more challenging postures and may well include dynamic flowing Hatha sequences (such as sun salutation) to allow your body to move & also static postures where we hold for a period of time connecting with your breathe

What equipment will I need?

I have mats you can borrow if you are new to yoga, alternatively bring your own if you have one.

What do I wear?

Loose clothing, layers are preferable as you will get warm when exercising & cool when relaxing. We practice barefoot. There is no dress code, I’ve even know someone attend in their pjs.

Can I eat before a class?

Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the class

What if I have an ailment?

For serious ailments please check with your doctor that it is beneficial for you to practice yoga & make me aware prior to starting the class.

Prior to the class I will ask you to complete consultation paperwork so I can ascertain your aims and goals and you can advise me on any medical conditions you may have.

What teaching qualifications & experience do you have?

Qualified to teach yoga with various teaching certifications. I have teaching experience for over 12 years and am fully insured.