Gentle Yoga

Optimized-iStock_000035527228LargetriangleGENTLE YOGA

  • Slow gentle movements with emphasis on breathing, balance, focus, gentle stretches & awareness.
  • This class is suitable for beginners & people who may have some aliments due to is slow pace.
  • Variations on postures are adapted where required with the use of blocks & cushions for support.

I sometimes use light hands on correction, if you feel this is inappropriate for you please let me know prior to starting the class

It you have any serious aliments then please check with your doctor that it is suitable for you to practise yoga & make me aware of these prior to starting the class.

Suitable for people with ailments of hips, knees, arthritis & osteoporosis, stress & anxiety, back pain.

What the clients say…..

“I took up yoga as a form of relaxation & was suffering from some niggling back pains, which yoga has helped. I wanted a gentle beginners class as i didn’t fancy contorting myself into difficult positions. I enjoyed the sessions straightaway and the other member of the class were friendly and welcoming. Gina is a great teacher who checks you are doing the postures correctly and has a relaxed, easy going manner. Each session is different which is great as there is some variety. I find the classes relaxing, calming and they ease general niggles and tension”

Thursday Gentle Class – Female –