Benefits of yoga

YOGA not only improves your physical body posture, flexibility, strength, core conditioning, balance, range of motion in your joints, but also your co-ordination, breath awareness, memory & mental focus, concentration, and ability to relax.

All of these elements are essential for a healthy and well tuned body.

Why practise postures/moves?
They work systematically on all parts of the body. Stretching & toning all  muscles & ligaments. Keeping the spine & joints flexible. Improving circulation.

Why Breathe correctly?Optimized-iStock_000014353613Largewater
Breathing fully & rhythmically making use of all your lungs will increase oxygen into your blood & flow around  your organs. Breathing exercises teach you how to recharge your body, relax & control your mental state. Giving you increased energy, vitality & well Being.

Why learn how to fully Relax ?
Releases tension in muscles and rests your whole system. Leaves you feeling as refreshed as you would after a good nights sleep. It carries over into your daily activities, teaching you to conserve your energy & let go of worries or fears.

Why do I want my body & mind & heart to work together?
To feel calm, happy & balanced.

Common aliments that can be RELIEVED with yoga.

Headaches, back pain, stress, muscle tension & stiffness, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, thyroid imbalances, respiratory conditions, asthma, panic attacks, digestive problems, lack of confidence plus much more….